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Why purchasing an album is worth the investment!

Most photographers fall into one of two categories: service-based or product-based photography. I have always felt more comfortable as a service-based photographer because in person sales has me cringing at the thought (even though I respect and admire so many photographers who do it so well!). And although the structure of my business isn’t reliant on whether my clients purchase prints or albums, I do value how my clients are preserving their images. I thought it would be fun to go over some reasons why including an album in your wedding package is worth the investment.

1.) It takes the stress out of figuring out how you will keep, protect, & display your wedding day images.

2.) Although we live in a digital age, tangible imagery has not been lost. There is something special in our emotional response to holding a photo that brings the captured memory back to life.

3.) Albums tell the story of your day from start to finish. The images are pieced together in an artful and aesthetically pleasing way.

4.) The details of your day will be remembered alongside the emotion filled portraits and documentary images. Our brides and grooms pour hours of their time into creating an inviting and stunning day for their guests to enjoy and we want that to be preserved as well.

5.) Not only will you and your friends get to relive those special moments when you look at your album laying on your coffee table for years to come, but it is an heirloom for your children/grandchildren to remember your sweet love story & the legacy you leave behind.

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